ModKart Log on Day Zero

As you are reading it is very likely that you are one of our very first customers and for that we really appreciate you. We are actually no strangers to this scene, we might even be one of the old surviving retailers in this community. Our goals are simple this time: utter domination.

Why? It is well very much needed in this community. There is a huge stagnation at the top, and it is very predictable who sells what, sells at what down cost, where does he/she operates from. Such seemingly strong outlooks, or well as you may call it ambitions, only benefit you, the end consumer. As every guy in Silicon Valley, will tell you, competition only makes things better.

How? Quite simple. Focus on the customer. Well extreme focus on the end user. Why is this so important? It creates a sort of effect as of networking, people start to recommend one service to their friends, and they recommend that to their friends. From our past experience that it is very likely to happen, and is often the main cause of an exploding service of our nature.

And then again, in the words of Gus, Guzman, Glaid or Plaid, whatever you wanna call “it”:

It is better to risk boldness then triviality. In a competitive marketplace where many vendors and sellers offer the same degree of products, with no twist or extra flavor, it dulls the expectations of customers who have longed for a product or service not offered or seen before. Many claim to offer the “next best thing”, yet continue to provide the same boring services that have been seen thousands of times before.

Para 1, Guzman’s About Page

Enter ModKart. A company that is based on not just profit margins, but rather in its reliance on providing something real, something fresh and unforeseen. Something enjoyable, and yet something productive and easing. In the race for technological progress, we take the lead, not just by offering services that are better then the competition, but providing something new and fresh that is not only exciting, but dramatical.

Para 2*, Guzman’s About Page

Domination is our goal. Our competition is weak and measly, henceforth, we have no means to offer the same products or the same “brand” that others invest heavily into. We are a breath of fresh air, a corporation unseen or unheard of before.

Para 3, Guzman’s About Page

There can only be one way forward, and to us, that’s up. We do not move horizontal, nor do we contract our progress. Our mindset is to expand, and to succeed, no matter the costs.

Para 4, Guzman’s About Page

As you may understand, we are ambitious, maybe even a little too much, but are very well in control of it’s outlook. And lastly, welcome to the best of it.

* Edited few words to suit context.

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