Rephyx Selfbot


Rephyx selfbot is probably the best selfbot around, it has tons of features and a fast nitro sniper that wont disappoint you.


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Custom Commands, Smart Emote reactions or Nitro sniper. Rephyx has it all, and continuously growing and expanding feature-wise! If we don’t have it now, we may in the future. The product Here’s a few of the functionalities that Rephyx offers. Nitro & Giveaway Sniper RephyxSB is equipped with an ‘As fast as possible’ Nitro Sniper and a Giveaway sniper. Accompanying with this, are various checks on both snipers to block code spamming and the famous “Join for ban” giveaways. Client Watcher With the Client Watcher, Rephyx will notify you when a member changes their status or updates their Avatar. It also Identifies Self-Bot users, which you’ll also get notified for and why. IFTTT Support With our IFTTT support, you can have our bot run on your Virtual Private Server and be notified when you have sniped that juicy Nitro. Custom Script Loader Concurrent with our Custom Commands, you’re able to write your very own scripts to have loaded into our bot. Let your creativity run wild. Custom Commands & Smart Reactions Big pieces of text? Reacting with emotes each time when your name is said? We provide you with the ability to create custom commands or auto reactions to certain key words. They try to ensure security the fear of bans can be laid to rest. We strive to lower/eliminate the chances of bans, programmatically. The only chances of bans, are left in your hands. Python powered Rephyx is built on the widely popular Python scripting language. Even giant companies rely on Python! Multi-OS Support Rest assured, you’re able to run this software on either your Windows machine or on a Debian Linux distribution.

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